• Research and publications

    Book:  Jabbour, J. (2017) La Turquie : l’invention d’une diplomatie émergente [Turkey : the invention of a rising power diplomacy], Paris : CNRS Editions, February 2017, 345 pages. Buy it on amazon: https://www.amazon.fr/Turquie-Linvention-dune-diplomatie-%C3%A9mergente/dp/2271094690/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485620741&sr=8-1&keywords=jana+jabbour Book chapters : Jabbour, J., & Le Moulec J.B, (2013). « Dix ans de politique étrangère turque au Moyen-Orient : de l’idéalisme doctrinaire au pragmatisme contraint » [Ten years of […]

  • Teachings

    SCIENCES PO PARIS, 2012-present:  “Regional systems in the Middle East”: This course provides an analysis of the regional system and international relations of Arab world. After discussing International Relations theories and their relevance for the study of the Middle East, we will examine the genealogy and main features of the Arab regional system: in particular, […]

  • Conference presentations

    Speaker at the International Conference on Conflict Mitigation, Dialogue, and Reconciliation in Syria, Lebanese-American University (LAU), Beirut, November 17-18): “Turkey in Syria: from party to the conflict to potential mediator?” Speaker at the Salzburg Trilogue, Salzburg, August 2016: “Dealing with Neighbors: Fighting a Ring of Fire or Building a Ring of Friends?” Speaker at the […]

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